Everyone in the education service shares an objective to help keep children and young people safe by contributing to:

Providing a safe environment, identifying children and young people who are suffering or likely to suffer significant harm and taking appropriate action.

The School is committed to promoting the health and welfare of all students and if staff see signs that suggest that one of the students may have been the victim of abuse (or is at risk of abuse) staff will follow the procedures laid down by the Area Child Protection Committee. N.B. Such action in no way infers that any parent/carer or other individual is being accused of wrongdoing.

When and what might I be concerned about?

At any time you may be concerned about information which suggests a child is being neglected or experiencing physical, emotional or sexual harm.

You may observe physical signs, notice changes in the child’s behaviour or presentation, pick up signs of emotional distress or have a child disclose a harmful experience to you.

Harm to a child can be caused by:

A parent/carer
A family member/friend
Another child
A stranger
A member of staff/volunteer

What should I do if the alleged abuser is a member of the school staff?*

If your concern is about a staff member or volunteer, you should report this to the Headteacher. If your concern is about the Headteacher, you shouldreport such allegations to the Chair of Governors.


The school has a Safeguarding Policy and a copy is available from: Mrs Helen Smith (Headteachers PA)

In line with this, regardless of the source of harm, you MUST report your concern.

Headteacher: Mrs Sarah Mitcherson

Our DSP is: Mr Steve Booth

Our Deputy DSP’s are: Ms Sue Akers and Mrs Laurie Simmonds

Contact our DSP at:

Our Chair of Governors is:

Mrs Anne Garland

Contact via the following emil:
Useful Contacts

Parents and students can access information and website links about how to protect young people online by clicking on the relevant links below:

School Policies

Please click here to access school policies 


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