Pastoral Support

Form Tutorial System

When students are admitted to the school, they are assigned to a Form Tutor and House group.  Students usually stay in the same House group as they progress through the school, with the same Form Tutor where possible.

Some students may wish to take the opportunity of discussing problems or concerns with the School Counsellor.  Appointments may be made through their Form Tutor or Director of Learning and are, of course, totally confidential.

All students have one lesson per fortnight of Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE).  The programme includes health education, strategies for coping with anxiety, the skills necessary for making successful relationships and the use of leisure time, with particular reference to local facilities.  There is also a strong emphasis on study skills throughout the year. This helps to lay important foundations for future years, particularly in helping students to organise their time, so that they can deal effectively with the variety of demands that are made of them both in and out of school.

The PSHCE course continues throughout the student’s years in the school, with the emphasis changing to meet the changing age-related needs of the students.

Year Organisation

In charge of the students of each year is a Director of Learning, together with a link member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), whose responsibilities include oversight of attendance, work, welfare, discipline, co-ordination of tutorial activities, maintaining close links with parents and outside agencies.

Health Care

Students who feel ill or have an accident should inform the teacher in charge of them at the time.  If they are not in class they should report to School Reception, or if no one is there, to the Staff Room.  In minor cases, simple first-aid measures may be applied, however, it must be stressed that medication of any kind cannot be administered by reception or teaching staff.  If it is felt necessary, parents will be contacted and asked to take a child home or accompany him or her to hospital for treatment.  The School Nurse also runs a regular drop-in service.

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