Home Based Learning

The aim of home based learning at our school is to promote learning beyond the school day as an essential part of good education. We believe that home based learning not only reinforces classroom learning, it also helps children and young people to develop skills and attitudes that they need for successful lifelong learning, such as good organisation and self-reliance. It should support the development of independent learning skills, including the habits of enquiry and investigation, and it should help to foster the role of parents and carers as co-educators of their children. We will make every effort to combat disadvantage, for example by considering the need for after-school study support with access to resources such as ICT and mentoring.

Government guidance recommends the following amounts of home based learning are set per day, and no more than:

Year 7 1 hour
Year 8 90 Minutes
Year 9 2 hours
Year 10/11 2.5 to 3 hours
Year 12/13 5 hours per subject

In some cases, staff will set longer term pieces of work to support students in developing independent learning skills.

School will ensure that:

  • home based learning is set in line with guidance and agreed standards
  • home based learning is marked promptly and in line with guidance and agreed standards
  • tasks meet individual needs, provide stretch and challenge and are well structured
  • students understand the purpose of the home based learning tasks
  • it is clear to students how their home based learning consolidates and extends the work they are doing in school.
  • home based learning is set to the home based learning timetable
  • home based learning is set and recorded on ShowMyHomework

Home Based Learning Help

Some students are not very well organised when it comes to doing homework. Parents can help in the following ways:

•   Check their homework Planner daily.  If they have trouble recording homework in a way that you can understand, contact us and we will arrange for the teacher to write it in.  Most evenings they will have one or two pieces of homework,  which will vary in style and length, depending on the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

•   Negotiate a time for doing homework. We always recommend that homework be done on the day it is set so that it is fresh in the student’s mind.

•    Make sure there is a quiet place where they can concentrate; if this is impossible they can use the school Library at lunch times or after school.

•   If they struggle with homework, let us know so that we can help.  A homework club, run by teaching assistants, takes place after 3.00pm in the Library, but we can help in other ways too.  If you think your child is spending too much or too little time on homework please let us know.

•   If you find they need to do research, please don’t panic as the Library is open before school, during breaks and after school and the librarian is very willing to help.

•   Give them as much help as you can but please do not do it for them.  If there are subjects with which you can’t help, encourage them to do it as carefully, thoroughly and neatly as possible.

For a parental guide for Home Based Learning please click here

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