'Everybody can achieve'

‘Because the school believes in us, we believe in ourselves’

‘The support I received from my teachers was unbelievable’

‘All of our teachers are kind, generous and strict’

'We are a small school but with a big heart’

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Message From The Headteacher

As the Headteacher, I am delighted to welcome you to the Ridgeway Academy. I hope our website will provide a brief insight into our school and some of the amazing work and achievements our students and staff have undertaken…”

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Jed Whelan

Prom Night for Ridgeway Academy and everyone looks amazingggggg

A lovely way to spend lunchtime at Ridgeway Academy with Sam challenging Mr Whelan to a game of chess.

A fabulous start to Friday with the awarding of Force Certificates to our positive growth mindset students. They inspire us all.

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Welcome to Ridgeway Academy

Our Vision

Our vision is that ‘Everybody can Achieve’ because we:

Have Respect for:

  • learning and achievement;
  • each other, valuing different views, beliefs and cultures;
  • our community, supporting activities and presenting a positive image of the school;
  • the environment, keeping it clean and tidy and fit for learning;
  • the school rules and regulations.

Take Responsibility for:

  • making significant progress and being a successful learner;
  • setting high standards of behaviour, conduct, appearance and attitude;
  • being effective independent learners and leaders, taking initiative and supporting others;
  • meeting the challenges of the future and being confident in all that we do;
  • making a positive contribution to society.

Develop Relationships which:

  • are strong between each other, in and out of school;
  • allow us to lead safe and healthy lives and look after the well-being of each other;
  • help us think creatively and rationally and be enthusiastic about learning;
  • help us know and value other people.

We will develop every student’s capacity to learn so that they become increasingly independent as they progress through the school.  The strength of positive relationships between students and staff allows everyone to achieve in their learning.

What’s On

24th June 2019
  • Year 12 Exams

    19th June 2019 - 25th June 2019  

25th June 2019
  • Year 12 Exams

    19th June 2019 - 25th June 2019  

26th June 2019
  • Sixth Form Induction

    26th June 2019 - 28th June 2019  

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